Life Goes On

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

End of the second grade.

Today, I finished all duties for second grade. I mean, I finished my final examination (Korean). I think I could pass the elective subjects by this, but I’m not sure about the required subject. This course, IES h. Especially, I was not good at to get up early, so I’m afraid I could pass the course opened in the morning.
For me, this course was full of sufferings.
I want to try to look back on this one year on this occasion
…To be continuing…

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 first post.

Hello everyone!! How have you been? Do you enjoy winter vacation? Anyway, a happy new year☆
Hummm…I can’t believe it is already 2006, because this year, I missed some important New Year events. For example, I haven’t visit to a shrine yet. Visit a shrine at the night of 01/01 is an annual event for us, but this year, we couldn’t carry out for some reasons. Oh, I can’t feel the New Year coming until I visit a shrine(><.) I have a lot of things to wish my god!! Hummmm….someone, please take me to a shrine. By the way, did you get Otoshidama? Or, do you think beyond 20 years old should not get it? In Japan, there is a custom that an adult gives some money to a child as New Year’s gift. However, in Japan, beyond 20 years old is regarded as an adult. Hummm. What should we do!? Actually, I got some money from my grandmother. In my opinion, until I start working, I would like to get Otoshidama…because it play a big role in my financially! Anyway…for all of you, have a happy new year and winter vacation. Do not eat Mochi and Mikan too much, it makes you fat and orange!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Dear my father

I don’t have my father. He was passed away when I was 16 years old. But when I had a hard time or difficulty, I constantly remember about him. And I ask to him. If he heard this problem, what advice would he gives to me? I’m waiting for his response for a while, but always I could get no answers.
That is ridicules, why did I wait a response from him?
Sometimes, I feel empty. He had had a great affection for me. He was my father, but at the same time, my good friend who has same hobby and interests. It was certainly my father’s affection why I love games or Japanese animations so much. My mother doesn’t like such stuffs, but he always bought some games secretly and shows me, then said “Let’s play this when she go away!”
It was he, who made my breakfast when I was in junior high school. My club (track and field club) had morning practice every morning at 7:00 and my mother was not good at to get up early at that time. So instead of her, he awoke and made breakfast for me. I remember the taste, compare with my mother’s cooking, his Miso-soup was too weak. Perhaps, he forgot to put Dashi in it.
When I ask the question to him, actually I am asking to myself. There is no one except me in this room. So it is only me who can answer the question. If he was here or not here, he would said, “Do the things what you would like to do.” Perhaps, he was a little indulges as a father, but know the things and I am respect him very much.
When he had some important or serious things to tell me, always, he wrote a letter. Like him, I’m also not good at to tell feelings by word, I lettered back to him. It included not only about response, but also my days thought and feelings.
Strange there were some mail exchanges inside the house, but that’s the way it was.
“If you feel sad, just write.”
He didn’t say anything, but I think I learned the way to reduce my sadness from this experience.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A north wind

Today’s high temperature is just 6 centigrade!! Woooo. A cold front came to Japan and the atmosphere get colder, and colder, and colder…oh no!! As you know, I don’t like cold weather. It is worse than hot summer. First of all, I don’t like carrying much stuff. My bag should be compact and should be packed just one. But, when the winter comes, I have to wear much more clothes than summer. (Because I am sensitive to the cold) And what makes me bothering is that big, fat coats!!! I don’t like carrying those heavy clothes on me, but without it, I’m freeeeezzzing in outside!!! What an inconsistent. Second, winter weather keeps me inside the house. I can't slip out of my Futon every morning…and even after noon, the cold weather makes me not come out of the house. But just wondering in my room is so gloom. My tension goes down, well, that’s the reason I don’t like winter.
By the way, today my hometown Shizuoka and also Aich prefecture had snow.It's rare. Today was shch cold...
Only good thing in this winter is may be that, I haven’t caught a cold yet. And I hope it will continue….

Friday, November 18, 2005

A Piano

Have you ever thought about the skill which you really want to get but you don’t have now? Actually, I have many of it. And one of them is the skill of “Playing a piano.” I respect the people who can play a piano. Why they can move their fingers so fast? And why their each hand can follows different rhythms? It’s impressive.
But if I ask them, they always say “It’s just experiences. When I was young, I learn the way.” Or something.
Hummm…is it too late to start learning a piano from now on? Actually, now I eager to learn it. Unfortunately, when I was a child, I didn’t go to private lessons as much as other friends go. I only took tennis lesson. (Now, quit, of course.) Oh! You cannot image how I regret about that! I should have gone a piano lesson instead of tennis lesson when I was a child! May be it’s more easier…but who could guess what kind of skill would a child need in the future? Oh boy.
In any case, there is an ardent wish in my heart that I want to become a person who can play a piano. Though there is a problem. I don’t have a piano at home and the piano at our club room is very competitive among our club mate!! Oh boy.
But in the future, I will grant my wish without fail!!!(><).

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A rest

Same as the last year, right after the school festival is a time for a rest. We finished something that we absorbed in, and suddenly, we gain a lot of free time. Though I don’t like this period, because when I have too much of free time, I sometimes sink into the depth of endless thought. I turn my thought…for future especially, and begin to wonder and worry.
I didn’t expect I worry about the future so much during my university life! But I do…oh boy.

Every time, I asked to myself. The way now I walk is the right way to lead me happiness? Oh no. Who knows? May be, or may be not!

There is another reason why I begin to think the future plan at that time. Two third of our choir members are students of college, not university. And for the second grade students, now is the time when they have to decide their way. Some of my friends already decided to go to another school. Another friend just took the transfer student’ entrance examination of KansaiGaidai University.
I watch their new steps, and effected by their thought. “New steps.”It can be also said the third grade members of university. The other day, there is a change of the president of our club. For our club (or may be for other clubs too,) school festival is one border for third grade students. They have to leave the club because of job hunting…it’s sad.(> <) So now, our club has less members!!Now is the time when I see many transitions. and It makes me feel
uneasy. ☆★☆★☆*************************************

Saturday, October 22, 2005

My favorite song♪ in fall 2005

By the way, today, I would like to talk the music for season. Why we feel like to listen to different kind of music in each season? I wonder. Recently, I love to listen to the song of Hitotoyou ~“Kazaguruma.”~ It fits my nowadays feeling very much. It does heal me like the recent great view of sunset. But in summer, I preferred to listen to more powerful and cheerful songs. Like “Smiley” or etc. Why these differences occur? I don’t know, but I guess, it may come from the connotation of the song.
Autumn is the season which we feel the temperature getting down day by day. We feel cold! Really different from the hot summer. But if we look up the sky from the narrow window at the staircase, there is a great view of red red sunset. The melody of this song reminds me that kind of things.
Equally, the song like “Smiley” reminds me the sun shower of hot summer vacation and blossom of yellow yellow sunflowers. Each song has the power to show certain images to us. It depends on people, but I like to listen to the songs which I can feel seasons aspect in them. I like to feel season.(*^-^*)

☆More about“kazaguruma.”↓★★
I rather like the song’s melody than word, and her way of singing. But word is also great! There are many soft-spoken old Japanese words in it, and I like them.
Probably, it is the result of collaboration. Like a movie that we studying now, a song is also the result of collaboration with different elements.


One season cycles to another season. Today was very cold! As if winter is coming soon, we could hear the footsteps of it. Oh it’s coming soon with the north wind. I don’t like too cold! (Neither too hot.) Well, everyone please be careful to your health! This term is tend to catch cold easily….so how are you anyway.
Today is the first day of baseball Japanese series…but I have nothing to do with it. I’m not interested in the game (So why you wrote about it?) It’s because, just My fellow worker at GEO complained about it. He said “Oh why I have to work today!” or something…Needles to say, He is one of the enthusiastic fans of Hanshin Tigers…