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Friday, April 22, 2005


I'm sorry, I misunderstood what you said.
I thought I should write my profiel completely.
It was not that thing, I noticed. Sorry.
I'm from shizuoka prefecture, Hamamatu city. It placed between Tokyo and Nagoya,
but Hamamatu is more bigger than Hirakata.I like my hometown very mucu, It's comfortable! Have so many beautiful place, and also, have good shopping spot.
I like to sing a song, playing basketball, drowing, watching movie, VHS, DVD, listening CD, MD, and chatting with my friends.My favorites drink is coffee. I am such a coffeeholic.
Lately, seattle's best coffee is my favorite.(SBC moca is great*)
My enemy is too many homeworks, too early schedules, cleaning my room.I am not good at cleaning...and not good at get up early because I am a ningt person.
I belong to Choir at KGU called LABERITE.Now, the club occupied most of my mind, so the members are like my secound family in here.
Recently, I feel nervous because I couldn't catch up what teacher saying.
I have not been studying during holidays, and now, still, I'm not so eager to study.
May be it's because I have no perpose to studying English, not like most of my classmates has one.
Studying English is now, for me, just one of my hobby. Once, I wanted to go study abroad, so I took this class.But now, I'm not plannning to do so.
My mind was changed, but my position is not changed. I feel paradox about this and worry late. Should I stay this class? Or may be I should drop out? Or, may be I can't choose???


  • At 5:25 AM, Blogger chibi-lizard said…

    ~hee~ thankew for the comments on my bloggie XD it's nice to know of another person who is into gundam seed destiny ^o^

    heheh .. i can see why many people wouldn't like the present athrun >.< but i still like him though .. XD my first love XD .. hahah .. kira is cool .. he's my 2nd

    oo .. and it's a pleasure to know you ^^ your english is not bad anyway ^^ it's understandable and good enough.

  • At 7:55 PM, Blogger scott-o said…

    wow Eri, you have been busy, writing to many people, and you even found out how to post a picture! Great work.


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