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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Finally weekend! So I went to Kuzuha Mall today. Actually, Kuzuha is the place which I lived in before until 2004 July.
Compare with Kouhoku, Kuzuha was better place to live. But I couldn’t get over the distance, the place which I lived before was took 30minite or more to go to school. Now, I can go to school in 5 minute by bicycle.
By the way, now I’ll explain the good points of Kuzuha.
First, there are a lot of neat shops. Not only Kuzuha mall, but also many, small, useful shops around there. The bookshops, rental video shops, supermarkets, etc..
Especially, the shop which sells pretty Zakka is my favorite.
Second, I think the road is easy to pass compare with near Kansai Gaidai. Osaka is not so kind place for people who ride a bicycle. Because many people park their car on the street without authority, so if there were no side walk on the street, cyclist had to withdraw those cars.
It is very dangerous!!
But around Kuzuha, the streets have sidewalks so cyclists feel safe.
Third, the sight is beautiful. When I lived in Kuzuha, I was surprised that great view of river side, and I can see the beautiful mountains also, it’s make my feel comfortable.
Anyway, so I like Kuzuha. If I have some free time, I visit there frequently.

The site of Kuzuha mall
My favorite Zakka store at Kuzuha


  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger SonSon said…

    Konichiwa. What is Zakka? I've looked at the website but did not download the Japanese translation.

  • At 11:24 PM, Blogger Nakaeri said…

    Thank you for your comments!
    According to the English Japanese dictionaly, Zakka means;
    miscellaneous goods, general merchandise, sundries.
    Please think it is just general product but has cute or cool design.Please refer to Zakka shop URL. There are some products like that!


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