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Friday, May 27, 2005

Recent days

Today, all the classmates seem tired or sleepy. We had Poster presentation at the first period, so may be some people couldn’t sleep at all. But I had slept enough yesterday, though I didn’t finish my preparing. So it is another thing…I should have prepared more.
Anyway, but making poster is very fun I think. When I was working on poster, I really enjoyed posting pictures, or drawing pictures. It remains me our school festival at high school, that we did a lot of drawing or cutting. So I felt I became a bit younger.
By the way, today is Friday. This week is almost finished and another week is coming. Not one day is same. I know but recent days are, for me, rather different from the day before.

To consuntlate studying, now I'm stopped to go club.
My main daily life was organized three part; the class, club, and part time job. But as you know, this entire three were not going well together. If so, may be you have to quit something. You have to choose…so, I was wondering. I can’t quit my part time job now…because of the feeling of “Giri”and “On.” And I need money anyway. The class, well, I had a meeting with the coordinates of IES course. But they said, “If you will drop out from this course or not, you have to do your best at this semester anyway. Otherwise, you will be failing to pass on the next grade.” F..failing to pass!? I can’t fail any more because I’m already 21. NO! ….So, only way I could choose now is….
I had a meeting with president of our club and determined to pause to go club until July.
We will have a joint concert on July 9th with Kounan-jyoshi University and Kinki University. So especially now, the club practice is pretty hard. But after the concert, it will be a little easier, so I think I could go back again.
This was a hard decision for me, I like our club. Friends, and activity and that is the place which I can relax myself. School life without club is not satisfactory to me. I feel kind of loneliness.
Ahhhh!! If only I had more skill of English!!! Homework is must be easier and I could go that three all together! Especially, I am really not good at writing, and vocabulary.
I wish I could be a English native only now.


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