Life Goes On

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Something that frightened me.

It is like a tidal wave but it is not.
But it is big and awful, and frightened me very much.
It’s get closer…get closer in each time, every day, little by little…!
You know what I’m talking about??
Yes, I’m talking about
I am really afraid of those. Oh~…could I overcome that?(><)
I’m not sure…I have no confidence. In this university, I sometimes feel like every single student is better than me. They are good at studying; they do constant effort every day. But I think I’m not.
Today’s Eri is negative Eri. May be, I should eat some delicious food and work on the problem with more energy.
Today, I am less energy, because of lack of sleep.
Well, I’ll make a fresh start of the issue after a while.
Today, I must have enough amount of sleep...I'll be back(>< )(-_-)

Now is the really rainy season?--No need of The TeruTeru Bouzu!--

This week is the last week of this month. So it means, June will be over in any day now.
But I have very little memory that there are rains in this month.
This is really strange! Now is the rainy season!
But in this year I guess, the most weather of this month is sunny, or cloud.
I have no remembrance that there are enough amounts of rains for TSUYU in this month!
Well, I’m not so much like the rain, but, it must be raining! I feel odd when there are so little rains like this in June… the snail would be very dry and thirsty.
When I was thinking about it, gradually, I’m getting worried about the lack of the water.
According to the news, I found the restriction of the water have already started in some areas of Japan. The small amounts of rains are country wide!
If you want to more particular information, feel free to refer those links.
Sorry it was written in Japanese. Well, I’m too sleepy and tired to translate those words to English…please forgive me! (-_-:)

Lack of water! country wide.

In Kansai area.

Today's weather map.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Part time job

Perhaps we should concentrate on our study now.
Because, university is a place which we study!!
So university students should not do any part time job?
Especially, like us, who are very busy for studying?

Recently, I enjoy my part time job very much.
There are some reasons why I feel like that.

+I am getting used to the works, so now, I rarely feel nervous when I’m working.

+I like to listen to the music, watch the movies, and animations.
If I kept working the store, I can continue to rental those things in discount prices.

+I feel pleasure to earn some money by myself anyway! I even feel some revelry of it.
I obsessed with money….!? That is a problem..

Well, there are some reasons for someone to think, be continued something more. In my care, one big reason is the companions of the working place. I think I am enjoying to working with them very much.
My store has many, many employees so it was hard to remember their names and get closer.
But I think I finally get used to hang up with my working fellows and nowadays, I attend some NOMIKAI with them.
I think they are precious. Because in university, there is less opportunity to get to know each other with other people compare with high school.
So for me, working place is good place to make new friends.

But it is also true, because of the part time job, now I am too busy to do anything.
So I will keep working when I’ll become 3rd grades, and will quit it.
Because when I became 3rd grade, I would like to start something new.

Monday, June 13, 2005


MY Personal Computer was broken!!><
It's happened so suddenly but, it was happened.
OH!! NO!!
So I can't post on my blog when I'm home any more..
Besides, I can't post pictures too...><
I brought my PC to the store which sells some PCs.
According to the clerk of the shop, the problem is probably some kind of "Hard disk” problem.
It’s mean it is hard to repair!!
If I ask the repairing service, it does will take 2 weeks to 1 month to repair and cost 50000yen~65000yen!!!Expensive! And why it's takes so long???

Anyway, so from now on, I have to use school computers!
Whether I could buy my new PC or could not, it’s not now. May be after summer vacation><
So I will try to live without PC at home until summer vacation.
Ummmmm….a little less entertainment for me! May be><