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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Now is the really rainy season?--No need of The TeruTeru Bouzu!--

This week is the last week of this month. So it means, June will be over in any day now.
But I have very little memory that there are rains in this month.
This is really strange! Now is the rainy season!
But in this year I guess, the most weather of this month is sunny, or cloud.
I have no remembrance that there are enough amounts of rains for TSUYU in this month!
Well, I’m not so much like the rain, but, it must be raining! I feel odd when there are so little rains like this in June… the snail would be very dry and thirsty.
When I was thinking about it, gradually, I’m getting worried about the lack of the water.
According to the news, I found the restriction of the water have already started in some areas of Japan. The small amounts of rains are country wide!
If you want to more particular information, feel free to refer those links.
Sorry it was written in Japanese. Well, I’m too sleepy and tired to translate those words to English…please forgive me! (-_-:)

Lack of water! country wide.

In Kansai area.

Today's weather map.


  • At 2:05 AM, Blogger scott-o said…

    You have sort of lost the paragraph format Eri, and while i really enjoy your posts, I would like to see you trying to create a paragraph. If your writing leads you to create shorter paragraphs because of the subject matter so be it, but your choices now seem random and it makes your writing a bit choppy. keep up the good work on the posting, but try to work on organization of the ideas and remember, you don't need to hit return after each sentence.


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