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Monday, June 13, 2005


MY Personal Computer was broken!!><
It's happened so suddenly but, it was happened.
OH!! NO!!
So I can't post on my blog when I'm home any more..
Besides, I can't post pictures too...><
I brought my PC to the store which sells some PCs.
According to the clerk of the shop, the problem is probably some kind of "Hard disk” problem.
It’s mean it is hard to repair!!
If I ask the repairing service, it does will take 2 weeks to 1 month to repair and cost 50000yen~65000yen!!!Expensive! And why it's takes so long???

Anyway, so from now on, I have to use school computers!
Whether I could buy my new PC or could not, it’s not now. May be after summer vacation><
So I will try to live without PC at home until summer vacation.
Ummmmm….a little less entertainment for me! May be><


  • At 8:50 PM, Blogger Tanukinukinuki said…

    That's terrible! T_____T I had to reformat my hard drive by myself one time because I got too many viruses... What I'm wondering though is why it takes so long for you to get your PC back...
    -_-? I only took a day to fix mine up... but it DID cost me a lot of money... T__________T let's take better care of our PCs from now on...

  • At 3:35 AM, Blogger tomomasanagashima said…

    Good evening, I am Tomomasa. I want to say "Do not care" or "That's a pity of you" but I cannot say these words easily because you must pay a lot of money to repair your computer. But, I dare to say "That's a pity of you!".

  • At 2:08 AM, Blogger scott-o said…

    sorry about your computer, that always sucks when they break and yes they do tend to charge what seems to be an arm and a leg for repairs. ugh, what are you going to do? its not like we can repair them ourselves. I think Tanuki has a point, the best way to prevent the big cost is to make sure they don't break while we are using them. upkeep back up and keep that hard drive humming along.

    wish i had better advice.


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