Life Goes On

Friday, July 08, 2005

Star Wars Episode 3 was released!!! !(^_^)/***

Woooooooooow----!! Did everyone watch the yesterday’s episode 2 on TV???
Actually, I rather like the episodes 4 to 6, but I am a fan of
Darth Vader!! So I am really looking forward to see the episode 3!
Don’t you think he is cool?? I think, may be some of you are

misunderstanding about him.
He is not only a bad guy actually…please consult this site,
if you do not know about him!

In the episodes 3, the reason why Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader is going to be told. Oh-uh! Certainly, it is impossible to see the movie without tears!(><:)
(Well, I know it is after I finished our homework and tests, if I could go to see
the movie.. I’m not saying that I will leave my stuff and run into the theater..perhaps. )

Friday, July 01, 2005

Rainy Lazy Saturday

Today, I have no particular plan to do. So I am really bored and lazy.
Also, it is raining. It makes my feeling more unexciting. Ah it is raining. I have nothing what I want to do. “Studying,” of course, it is what I should do. But it is not what I want to do…well, actually, I have a plan to study with my friend tomorrow, so today is not the day for study. But…if not, what should I do instead???

Actually, I want to go to see the movie. But everyone around me is busy. I’m not feel like to go to see the movie alone. Because I think, recently, I’m alone too much. I want to have my company…well, I think I feel a bit lonely..*