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Friday, July 01, 2005

Rainy Lazy Saturday

Today, I have no particular plan to do. So I am really bored and lazy.
Also, it is raining. It makes my feeling more unexciting. Ah it is raining. I have nothing what I want to do. “Studying,” of course, it is what I should do. But it is not what I want to do…well, actually, I have a plan to study with my friend tomorrow, so today is not the day for study. But…if not, what should I do instead???

Actually, I want to go to see the movie. But everyone around me is busy. I’m not feel like to go to see the movie alone. Because I think, recently, I’m alone too much. I want to have my company…well, I think I feel a bit lonely..*


  • At 5:06 AM, Blogger Mika said…

    It's rainy today... I don't like rain, but I like watching raining heavily.
    You had nothing which you wanted to do, and I feel the same thing sometimes.
    I had TOEFL today. Listening section seemed more difficult than usual to me.
    ...Oh! I hear a mosquito flying!! I hate that sound! It's not only cockroaches but also mosquito's season!
    I want to watch a movie, too. If you want to go somewhere, tell me! I'll go if I'm not busy. :)

  • At 6:51 PM, Blogger tomomasanagashima said…

    Hello, I am Tomomasa. I agree with you. I also do not like rainy day. It is rain today and my power is decrease. Maybe, I have only 5% power than as usual. I am glad to watch your comment in my blog. Thank you.


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