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Friday, October 07, 2005


Recently, I feel great sadness for my low English vocabulary skill. I also feel great sadness for my poor writing skill. Then I regret my lukewarm study life. Why I can’t write a well organized sentence? After all, I have no idea how to organize an English sentence. Even in Japanese it is difficult. I think I cannot write a good English sentence…ever. This thought made me crazy and I am going crazy so I could not write on this blog for a long time.
However, some of my good, sophisticated friends began to worry about me and said, “Are you all right? Make an effort to keep your blog!”
Well, I cannot ignore them.
Besides this, it is near the time of GAIDAI festival. So that, I have to “get with it” for everything!! No more hesitation…no more pause. I had enough. I will do my best for the festival, for the study, for my last 2 years student life.
Did you notice? Every now and then we hope to get back our past. When you were junior high school, you hoped to go back elementary. In the high school, some people missed the junior high school. Now, I want to go back my high school life very much, but certainly I will miss this university life when I become…not a student. I don’t know these 2 years are long or short, but I would like to choose a best way for my life. Yeahhhhhhh I gata a lot of home works in this holiday, oh my gosh, it’s not holiday at all!!!


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