Life Goes On

Friday, November 18, 2005

A Piano

Have you ever thought about the skill which you really want to get but you don’t have now? Actually, I have many of it. And one of them is the skill of “Playing a piano.” I respect the people who can play a piano. Why they can move their fingers so fast? And why their each hand can follows different rhythms? It’s impressive.
But if I ask them, they always say “It’s just experiences. When I was young, I learn the way.” Or something.
Hummm…is it too late to start learning a piano from now on? Actually, now I eager to learn it. Unfortunately, when I was a child, I didn’t go to private lessons as much as other friends go. I only took tennis lesson. (Now, quit, of course.) Oh! You cannot image how I regret about that! I should have gone a piano lesson instead of tennis lesson when I was a child! May be it’s more easier…but who could guess what kind of skill would a child need in the future? Oh boy.
In any case, there is an ardent wish in my heart that I want to become a person who can play a piano. Though there is a problem. I don’t have a piano at home and the piano at our club room is very competitive among our club mate!! Oh boy.
But in the future, I will grant my wish without fail!!!(><).

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A rest

Same as the last year, right after the school festival is a time for a rest. We finished something that we absorbed in, and suddenly, we gain a lot of free time. Though I don’t like this period, because when I have too much of free time, I sometimes sink into the depth of endless thought. I turn my thought…for future especially, and begin to wonder and worry.
I didn’t expect I worry about the future so much during my university life! But I do…oh boy.

Every time, I asked to myself. The way now I walk is the right way to lead me happiness? Oh no. Who knows? May be, or may be not!

There is another reason why I begin to think the future plan at that time. Two third of our choir members are students of college, not university. And for the second grade students, now is the time when they have to decide their way. Some of my friends already decided to go to another school. Another friend just took the transfer student’ entrance examination of KansaiGaidai University.
I watch their new steps, and effected by their thought. “New steps.”It can be also said the third grade members of university. The other day, there is a change of the president of our club. For our club (or may be for other clubs too,) school festival is one border for third grade students. They have to leave the club because of job hunting…it’s sad.(> <) So now, our club has less members!!Now is the time when I see many transitions. and It makes me feel
uneasy. ☆★☆★☆*************************************