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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A north wind

Today’s high temperature is just 6 centigrade!! Woooo. A cold front came to Japan and the atmosphere get colder, and colder, and colder…oh no!! As you know, I don’t like cold weather. It is worse than hot summer. First of all, I don’t like carrying much stuff. My bag should be compact and should be packed just one. But, when the winter comes, I have to wear much more clothes than summer. (Because I am sensitive to the cold) And what makes me bothering is that big, fat coats!!! I don’t like carrying those heavy clothes on me, but without it, I’m freeeeezzzing in outside!!! What an inconsistent. Second, winter weather keeps me inside the house. I can't slip out of my Futon every morning…and even after noon, the cold weather makes me not come out of the house. But just wondering in my room is so gloom. My tension goes down, well, that’s the reason I don’t like winter.
By the way, today my hometown Shizuoka and also Aich prefecture had snow.It's rare. Today was shch cold...
Only good thing in this winter is may be that, I haven’t caught a cold yet. And I hope it will continue….


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