Life Goes On

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

End of the second grade.

Today, I finished all duties for second grade. I mean, I finished my final examination (Korean). I think I could pass the elective subjects by this, but I’m not sure about the required subject. This course, IES h. Especially, I was not good at to get up early, so I’m afraid I could pass the course opened in the morning.
For me, this course was full of sufferings.
I want to try to look back on this one year on this occasion
…To be continuing…

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 first post.

Hello everyone!! How have you been? Do you enjoy winter vacation? Anyway, a happy new year☆
Hummm…I can’t believe it is already 2006, because this year, I missed some important New Year events. For example, I haven’t visit to a shrine yet. Visit a shrine at the night of 01/01 is an annual event for us, but this year, we couldn’t carry out for some reasons. Oh, I can’t feel the New Year coming until I visit a shrine(><.) I have a lot of things to wish my god!! Hummmm….someone, please take me to a shrine. By the way, did you get Otoshidama? Or, do you think beyond 20 years old should not get it? In Japan, there is a custom that an adult gives some money to a child as New Year’s gift. However, in Japan, beyond 20 years old is regarded as an adult. Hummm. What should we do!? Actually, I got some money from my grandmother. In my opinion, until I start working, I would like to get Otoshidama…because it play a big role in my financially! Anyway…for all of you, have a happy new year and winter vacation. Do not eat Mochi and Mikan too much, it makes you fat and orange!