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Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 first post.

Hello everyone!! How have you been? Do you enjoy winter vacation? Anyway, a happy new year☆
Hummm…I can’t believe it is already 2006, because this year, I missed some important New Year events. For example, I haven’t visit to a shrine yet. Visit a shrine at the night of 01/01 is an annual event for us, but this year, we couldn’t carry out for some reasons. Oh, I can’t feel the New Year coming until I visit a shrine(><.) I have a lot of things to wish my god!! Hummmm….someone, please take me to a shrine. By the way, did you get Otoshidama? Or, do you think beyond 20 years old should not get it? In Japan, there is a custom that an adult gives some money to a child as New Year’s gift. However, in Japan, beyond 20 years old is regarded as an adult. Hummm. What should we do!? Actually, I got some money from my grandmother. In my opinion, until I start working, I would like to get Otoshidama…because it play a big role in my financially! Anyway…for all of you, have a happy new year and winter vacation. Do not eat Mochi and Mikan too much, it makes you fat and orange!


  • At 10:21 PM, Blogger Hao said…

    Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! I used to get Otoshidama, or the Chinese equivalent on Chinese New Year, but not since I was in middle school. I'm jealous...

    I was wondering, is it a custom in Japan to celebrate New Year's with your friends by having a party on New Year's Eve? Every year my friends and I get together to drink sparkling cider (and now champagne, since we are mostly over 21, the legal drinking age in the US) when it turns midnight. I think instead of going to shrines to ring the bell (which always seemed like fun), the US custom is to make ambitious resolution goals and not follow-through...


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